Noisy Toyz are a 4 piece, female fronted, Symphonic rock band created by composer/guitarist  Mars Marshall from Hampshire UK.
The recent single "Trail Of Tears" is from the forthcoming album "Forever One" to be released Spring 2014. The new album will feature great songs  with Symphonic Orchestral hook lines to add to the theatrical edge, along with the melting pot of synth atmospheres, Operatic singing and 7-string wall of guitar sound following the drum grooves. 
The power ballad "Save Me" is free to download on the music page so just click the download button.




January 2014

The new tracks are coming along great for the new album so here is a sneak preview of the track "April Rain"




Noisy Toyz Reviews

"The first number 'Fallen Angel' opens up as a Sirenia style track but as soon as the band start you know they have there own sound. The vocals are strong and fragile at the same time. Sometimes, the Vocals are reminiscent of Liv Kristine of Leaves Eyes. This number is hot and is very catchy with pumping guitars and wonderful drumwork". -      Rien De Graff,  Metalkrant Magaine, Netherlands.

"Straight away your hooked to the powerful symphonic metal that the Noisy Toyz deliver. The powerfull catchy riffs and hooks continue throughout the album with silky sublime vocals being simply addictive in their silkiness. Reminiscent of Epica and Liquid Sky,this band manage to maintain thier own strong identity,while fitting into the symphonic femme-metal genre." -  Gary Trueman, AFV Magazine.

"The Opener and the title track "The Fate of Dreams" is a very great way to start this album, a good old symphonic plodder, with second track 'Fallen Angel' being the single that was reviewed last year. There are many highlights within this album, with the superb 'Immortal Life' reminding me of Theater of Tragedy, particularly with the male vocals of guitarist and synths guy Mars Marshall. Other highlights for me are the thumping 'Die Another Day' and 'Frozen Heart. Keep still while these are on the death deck and there must be something wrong with you - great guitar solo too on the former. Another fave is 'Solitude' with Mars taking on lead vox duties. A slightly progressive feel to this, but damn awesome! I would certainly advise fans of the female fronted scene to check this band out"  -   Dave Smith, Ravenheart Music.